The IMMA committee structure operates under the responsibility of the Steering Committee which reports to the General Assembly.

The technical activities in IMMA are supervised by the Technical Committee which directs subcommittees on Harmonisation, Safety and Environment. Task forces and working groups have been introduced, dedicated to specific themes such as light and lighting components, electrical vehicles, noise emissions and braking. Further groups may be installed to support the need for dedicated expertise responding to regulatory discussions.

The member organizations of IMMA participate in the meetings of the committees, working parties, groups of experts or ad hoc specialists’ groups.

The agenda of the technical meetings are dedicated to the preparation of IMMA contributions to the “Groupe de Rapporteurs” (GRs) of the UNECE* World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations WP.29.

In addition, under the Steering Committee, IMMA installed a Road Safety Working Group which monitors the trends on road safety at global level and coordinates IMMA’s contributions to forums such as the UNECE1 Working Party on Road Traffic Safety (WP.1).

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.